by A.Dd+

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Loosies is a collection of non-album singles released since 2011.


released October 4, 2011

Songs Produced by: Black Milk, Picnictyme, Brain Gang X'Zavier, Brain Gang Blue, NickNack and Breeze.



all rights reserved


A.Dd+ Dallas

On their focused debut, Dallas’ Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ are the rapper and the poet, the spawn of UGK and OutKast, combining street and cerebral. - Pitchfork

When Pigs Fly might be the best hip-hop album Dallas has ever released. - Dallas Observer

Bio: divehiflylo.com/bio/
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Track Name: When Paris Smokes ft. Tunk and Mz. Fortune
Back up in this bitch wit a baggy full of Cali
Tryna match, who got a swish
We can smoke in Paris' Caddy
I barely been blowin' past couple days, sadly
I just couldn't afford it, ask my n*gga if he had me
He fronted me 'bout an eighth and hooked me up with a fatty
That's three heads on the blunt, me, Tunk, Scrappy
I asked this bitch, "You wanna smoke," and she said, "Gladly."
And brought her whole family, damn you know

Everybody wanna smoke, but
You didn't put it on this twenty, twen, twen
I'm high, I'm blown, supply your own
And make something happen, maybe we can match one

I broke down a pack 'bout as loud as a crowd
Of Penn State blowing eight pounds in the shower
The only way you hittin' without givin' the amount
Of $2 a drag, is if you payin' by the hour
To catch a contact, we is where it's at
The 2Pac autopsy, weed, we open chest
We dip lean, make the scene you overdressed
Like a salad, just follow the Indian tree
Loaded like I stole it, pray I don't run into police
I'm known to flip the droski, keep an oz roll a poly
When it's done, roll a spur, Parker, Duncan and Ginobili
Go in and drop the 40, blow an eigth of holy moly
Said a friend with weed is a friend indeed
Never smoke me out, you ain't friends with me
It's noon, and this shit got to last till the evening
Wanna be sky high, bring a Lincoln

Everybody wanna smoke, but none of you n*ggas put in
And none of you n*ggas is finna blow on none of my twenty, twen, twen
I'm finna get high, and I don't know about you, you, you
I'm finna get high, and I don't know about you, you, you, you


Aye, I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But this here gon' hurt your stomach like bad food
Y'all hop up in the ride say you got 5 on it
If you boys wanna ride, then you gotta pay the price
While you're in there payin' for the swishas, n*gga
Put 6 on the tank, shit what you think?
As much as you tryna get high, I'm tryna survive
And my wheels of steel keep this party alive
Yeah, that cannabis sativa may be part of ya plans
But I ain't tryna push this Caddy with my hands
6 bucks ain't even a lot, either that or pat your feet
It's just a small fee if you wanna hot box my car, so
Hop out, if you can't pull the cash out
The most important thing is the petro
You down, n*gga let's go
And everybody know I don't usually blow
But mayne pass the 'gar, I'ma hit that hoe
Track Name: Can't You See
Paris Pershun:
No inspiration, no motivation
Me and my girl's ups and downs, it seems there's no relation...
Ships will sail, whether you there life moves on
Shit, and we ain't even made it but look how far we done gone
Talking about becoming a celebrity over night
The success turned me into an anti-social socialite
Bitch, I'm on a roll
Crack open the E&J let the good times flow
I've been known to set shit on fire, let the good times smoke
When it evaporates, I'm just left with this heroin audio
As if y'all didn't know
Do I live up to your expectations?
Do you wish I don't make it 'cause I don't respond to your salutations?
That's petty, mayne
Put that on everything
True, we in the same game, but things do change

Can't you see that I don't fuck wit' y'all
I try to keep my distance, can I get a couple yards?
If it's not my business, I try not to get involved
Don't make me and my n*gga break you off somethin' proper like

Paris Pershun:
Is you blind to the fact?
Kiss my ass, I'm moving like dash leaving yo' ass in the back

Slim Gravy:
Me, I'm in passenger strapped up
And my seat belt on relax not worried 'bout them or the past
I'm more about getting this cash
Just me and my lad, split it in half and lettin' it stack
Bitch, I got mouths to feed, a house of needs and none of you a part of that
Get the fuck round from me, now I see how a lot of n*ggas act
Actin' like bitches, and I don't like bitches, unless that bitch bad
Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness?
Let this be my last time that I have to tell you this
We ain't cool, you don't know me, I ain't never been
The friendly type, to hell with friends, what I learned from them
They gotta turn their back to face you, then they turn again
Damn, my n*gga

Track Name: Sh*t Got Crazy
Slim Gravy:
Last night shit got crazy
Got wasted
Had like ten shots, maybe
Passed out with some lady
Woke up, I’m hung over
Smelling like throw up, still faded
Man, shit got crazy
All I remember is it started with a drank
That drank led to another, which led to another
Met a girl, got her number
Everythang after that's been erased
As I wake from my slumber in a place that I never been
With a bitch that I barely knew
I discovered I was in her bed tied up like a tennis shoe
Man, what the fuck did I get into?
I don’t know, man, my memory was gone with the drank
I was gone, went home with a yella bone skank
I didn’t know of her name, but I seen her before
Front of stage at a show, knew the words every song that we sang
(Lemme think)
I could barely remember a thang
All I know is right now I need aspirin
It’s gonna be hard for me to make this get away
Can somebody please tell me what happened?

Last night shit got crazy (x6)

Paris Pershun:
Matter fact, whose condo is this?
Hold up, condom wrappers all over
Who’s this chick hanging off the sofa
What happened last night, did I bend her over?
Did I get into a fight?
Got blood on my Nikes, consequences of living that life
Can’t remember shit, and my watch is missing
And I’m still fucked up, got blurry vision
Last thing I remember…
Shit, not a lot
We was pouring up, taking shots
I remember stumbling through a parking lot
But I can’t recollect if it was dark or not
If I was by myself, if I needed help
Was I obnoxious? Was I screaming?
Man, I’m sure someone would’ve called the cops
Come to think of it, mayne, where the fuck is my phone?
Let me text Slim, so I can get home
Battery’s dead, and I couldn’t even text
‘Cause to my surprise, both of my thumbs was gone
All of a sudden my mind went blank
In the distance heard the voice of a caramel skank
The bitch had a whip in the left hand, knife in the right
And I couldn’t even fight, welcome to the night life

Track Name: Genocide
Slim Gravy:
King Blue just gave me a beat and he said "Make sure that you rock it"
'Bout a year ago, big bro gave us a key to the city said "Here, n*gga lock this bitch, and don't let nobody in"
Pretty soon, they'll be knockin'
Made it in the XXL, now they watching
The column was little as hell, no problem
My patnas out the hood be saying I'm Hollywood
I tell them I'm not, but that I should be
Give me a year, I'll probably be in a leer
Sippin' a beer with a bitch who model for her career
With a rear make a n*gga say "Good grief"
Wouldn't be shit if I never linked with
My n*gga P, since juvenile delinquents
We been ridin' like Bin Laden and Bush
Ridin' the bus, A.Dd+ silent plus When Pigs Fly, enough
With the fuck shit, fuck this
It's a city-wide genocide, minimize all the bullshit
They be coming with
I talk shit 'cause I don't give a fuck
What you say n*gga come again, what?
I make y'all muthafckas listen up
This is what it is, all you n*ggas suck
We the realest here
If you agree, let me see you put your hands

Let me see you put your hands (x3)
We ready, we ready (x8)

Mold with the old, grow with the new
Live or die, pick a side any two
Win or lose, gotta choose one
Got a new gun, I'ma use too
Bang, bang and the boom, boom
Better move, run
I'm a come through with bazookas and a platoon
Bullet proof truck full of goons strapped up
I'ma do what I want to, n*gga fuck you
Tough luck, they done fucked up
Now they gotta die, genocide

Let me see you put your hands (x3)

Paris Pershun:
It's time for change, no time for games
We chasin' this money and chasin' this fame
Fuck chasin' these dames, mayne
I said it's time for change, fuck chasin' these dames
Say something different, they look at me strange
You n*ggas exchanged the cool for the lame
You ain't got a license to rhyme, then stay in yo' lane
Like I got the gun cocked and placed to your brain
Shit, take a shot
If your survive the blast without droppin' fast and then finishing last
Then you that n*gga, huh?
Well, maybe not
You say you're really built for it, but you ain't
I say I'm built for it, what you think?
I'm struggling now, but then I visualize myself
George Jefferson struttin', walking into the bank, mayne
God say don't kill, Lucifer say kill that bitch
God say don't steal, Lucifer say take that shit
Make that quick
And yeah, I might have some regret up in my heart
We blinded from the start
Get it how you live, mayne that's just how we was taught
But everybody wanna shed a tear when a n*gga get caught
Thanks for not making me put that knife in your back
Now, I got money to put some gas in the 'lac
The registration expired, but I still burn rubber off of my tires
Tryna play my part
I'm tryna get far
Tryna top the charts, n*gga gotta raise the bar
We been hot from the start
And I'm spittin' from the heart
So I do it for the love
A.Dd+ Hoe

Slim Gravy:
Yeah, it's a muthafckn genocide (x3)
Will you die, will you survive? Let's go

Yeah, it's a muthafckn genocide (x3)
Will you die, will you survive? Let's go

(We don't want to hear that bullshit (x8))
Track Name: Insomniac Dreaming
Paris Pershun:
Get a scoop, a double dose of it
Basking in the ambiance of robbin' another
Make one scream for the unseen, unfortunately
Hands don't raise, but I still get praise
Fly lyrics on exhibit as they rip the runway
Taking off, not at all, I don't get paid to strip
So every day I dip like it's my last
Hoping that this feeling of wrong won't last too long
Mean talk with a mean walk ought to be taught
How not to get caught in that jelly
Found in the bellies of disaster, poetic
Jumping out of every window screaming, "Message!"
Blessings in disguise, covered eyes in this masquerade
Man, I wish I woulda seen the face, as always
My mind moving too fast, but still arrive too late
Virgo with the mind of a Gemini, we straight
Two heads always better than one
That's why we come second to none, give it a run
They dreams chasing' them, but they run, n*ggas is dumb
Y'all continue to have fun, my message is none

I don't wanna be famous, I just wanna be well off
Keep my bank account bangin', take care of those I care about
Fuck a Maybach, I/we just keep swangin' my/the 'lac (Right)
These the thoughts of a black insomniac (Gotdamn)

Slim Gravy:
Just started writing didn't know where to begin
Jot a couple lines then start over again, then again
The line was tight, the time was right
Is, the lime of light gon' shine tonight?
Dig, we got a show, I got a flow
And a couple fans, used to wanna hustle pants, studio
Love is tough, when 'bout the peace
I use it for improvement, others use it to decease
I live for it, they die by it
No beefin', that's why I diet
No thiefin', now I buy it
Was committing more than theft, my golly
Yeah I'll prolly be better off doin' this 'stead of that, Trapped in some trap, way heavy off in the mix
Got raps on top of raps
Tryna make some sense and put Dallas on the map


What if I was to make it, riches now, boy I'm bankin'
Bitches all in my bidness, drowning' in money, sinkin'
I'm frowning' and wonderin', thinkin' about this life I'm living
Another day, another dolla, I live my wishes
I triumph through expeditions, I woulda never thunk it
I made it, but now like, "Fuck it," I hate it, but love attention
Outrageous, a bunch of women know me now, they owe me now
But I don't even stress it, I just take a puff and blow it out
Proportion, needs my portion, every penny, fuck a Porsche, Lamborghini
I am forced to ask this Genie, "Why me?"
I ain't ask for that, asthma attacks, I just wanna breathe
Bring ambulance, ambulance, 1, 2, 3, clear
Money's my motivation, living's my occupation
My new hobby is waiting, and I'm probably impatient
But I do it for this, cop a couple of cribs
A couple of whips

Track Name: Can't Come Down
Slim Gravy:
Let me be straight up, I need a job homie
A nine to five, man I ain't even got five on it
Got this interview, but I ain't got no ride
So I guess I'll catch the city bus
'fore I do, I'll get high
Captain Kush for breakfast
Had a bowl this morning, should be sober by 11
I'm high as Heaven
Poppin' breath mints
Only tryna make a nice impression, so I freshen up
Crease my slacks, shirt on tuck
Put on cologne, think I squirt too much
Tryna cover up the purp I puffed
Hope it work, or I'm fucked
N*gga need work like a cluck
Pockets been hurtin' like a mugg
Opportunity is in the mud
And dirty I’ll get for this 40-hour shift
Sweep and scrub I’ll plunge out, shit
Write out the check
Still on the bus, my stop is next
Get off and I walk 'bout a block
Still blowed then a bitch
Spark up a squ’r
Hope they don't know that I'm high
'Cause my eyes heavy, eyes cherry
You know that I got me some drops
Now let me try to focus
Man, I hope they don't notice, 'cause I'm


Slim Gravy:
So I got the gig
Don’t even really know how I got the shit
So to God I give all the glory
Can't live off unemployment
Now they want me to start the next morning
Shit, I'm like, "Coo'."
From 5 AM till 'bout 2
Need to find a ride, alright, or I'm screwed
Ain't tryna get fired, but what am I to do
I don't know, maybe catch a cab
But I ain't got cash, so I have to dash
Beginning of training
Ain't tryna miss not a minute of payment
Long story short, yo I did it and made it
Clocked in, call center hoe boppin'
Other n*ggas there hatin'
The trainer's obnoxious
And I ain't got the patience
Can't wait till 2 o'clock
Man, when the first break is?
'Cause I swear that I'm blazin'
Got a blunt in my pocket, already rolled up
Went far in a corner
Made sure nobody watchin'
So, I fired up
Now, I'm high as fuck
Yeah, I already know
This is the type of shit that a n*gga get fired for
But I wasn't even thinkin'
Walked in straight stankin'
Smelled just like a pound
But ain't nobody say shit
Feelin' like I'm on a spaceship
Naw, ain't no coming down
Fuck around, just tell 'em I'm coming down with a cold, no
I could say it's an emergency, gotta go, no
I'll just roll wit' it
Man, I'm trippin', I shoulda brought that cologne with me
What I don't know
Is that there's cameras watchin'
I was sittin' in training, manager walked in
Looked me dead in the face and said, "Meet me in office. Don't keep me waitin'."
Man, I hope that he playin'', but I know that he's not
You see where this going
I go in the door then he closed it and locked
And he said, "You must be..."
Track Name: Getting Far ft. Mz. Fortune
Slim Gravy:
The year is now 2011
Who woulda thought we'd make it this far back in '07
Writing raps up in my momma's crib
Let's talk about progression
Was mastering our craft everyday until perfection
Recording all these tracks with no direction
So I'm thankful for the people in our path that we was blessed with
Couldn't do it without you
What we do will amount to something great once we up outchea
So I gotcha, all we got is a message
Be a king and reside with the peasants
Reaching high to the Heavens, and keep ya eyes on the road
While staying humble with a positive soul
Being man enough to accept that I am not in control
Rocking these shows, won't even get a dollar for most
But honestly, though
Wouldn't even take a pot full of gold to do what I love
High, 'cause I'm musically drugged
So I guess this needle's in my arm 'till I'm gone, gone

Here I am, out in the open, and I can't stand it
Where we come from, a dream is just my imagination
Well, I'll just dream on, 'cause we're getting far

Paris Pershun:
Ridin' dirty to open for Dom Kennedy
You n*ggas sick of lackluster shit? We got the remedy
Got to shake his hand, told him that he jam
Thinkin', when we blow will this n*gga even remember me?
Rockin' down at College Station
Got no fuckin' license and expired registration
How ironic that a n*gga dropped college, but ran to that pen and pad
Dd would come over and we would jot shit in our pads
Chillin' at my pad
But that was a long time ago, we've gotten better
I really wasn't too sure of myself, but if y'all insist
Alright, let's get Picnic and Rosalinda rich
Along with ourselves
Watch our pockets get thick, give 'em something to remember me for
But me and Dd, we both got bad Karma
I pray they let us in when they hearing on the door, wassup

Track Name: Jumper Cables ft. Tunk
Wait till I get my money right, and I’m on
I’ma get that Caddy runnin’ right, bitch I’m gone
Livin’ good, it ain’t nothin’ better, nothin’ better
Livin’ good, it ain’t nothin’ better, nothin’ better

Paris Pershun:
Ain’t got no job
See what this felony did to a n*gga, life is hard
Get my ass up off my momma’ couch and then hop in my car
My fender wrecked, but still I drive it like it’s flawless
Catch me flickin’ often runnin’ low on gas, put a damper on my plans
Still I’m bench pressing my pen, we bout to raise the bar
Truthfully, I don’t know why yo bitch wanna fuck me
I guess it’s ’cause she thinkin’ I’m a star, but I’m not

Slim Gravy:
We just two po’ boys in a Caddy, bout to ride that thing there ragged
Ain’t no air and the bumper draggin’, engine barely runnin’, fabric hudded
Tags out, rear view and the tail light busted
Really, I need some cash now then I’ma be ridin’ clean

I got this money in my pocket, and I ain’t tryna lose it
Nothing lasts forever, for now it’s like whatever
Get some gas and I’m takin off, takin’ off
I’ma get some gas and I’m takin’ off, takin’ off

Brain Gang Tunk, represent, represent
The highest scoring n*gga off the bench ’bout to rip
Comin’ with amazing flavor, taste it like you Craig and Day Day
Yeah I’m a trip, but I don’t have the bread to vaycay
Gas tank on “E” but still proceed to push this presidential
Stick to the fundamentals, you see my funds are little
This all I can give you, a little bit of me
A little A.Dd+ and Picnic instrumentals
I do my thang, no masturbation
Playa, playa please don’t playa hate
Go play the station, no car but I’m in ya lady
Her name Mercedes, put the Benz on my jumper cables
And got it crankin’

I got this money in my pocket, and I ain’t tryna lose it
Nothing lasts forever, for now it’s like whatever
Get some gas and I’m takin off, takin’ off
I’ma get some gas and I’m takin’ off, takin’ off

Slim Gravy:
Don’t give a fuck shawty, sittin’ on both sides
N*gga signals, gotta get it bitch it’s “go” time

Paris Perhun:
You can roll with me, fuck around we both drive
She hangin’ out the window straight do it like a stripper, now gon’

Take it off, bitch, bend over let me see it
If you lookin’ for a trill type n*gga let me be it
Got the Cadillac De-Ville parked outside
It ain’t enough room to fit them guls in my ride
On some work-somethin’, twerk-somethin’ basis
On some work-somethin’, twerk-somethin’ basis
We on a work-somethin, twerk-somethin’ basis
Got my money right, pocket full of big faces