by A.Dd+

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released March 28, 2011

A.Dd+: Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy

Production/Mixing: Picnictyme
Recording: Picnictyme and Rosalinda Ruiz
Mastering: Chris Athens
Scratches: DJ Niro
Guitar: Jeff Fajans
Additional Vocals: Mz. Fortune
Artwork: Upendo Taylor
Album Packaging: Rosalinda Ruiz and Upendo Taylor

Official Videos
Likeamug: youtu.be/5Mpp2oj_ez8
Under: youtu.be/L0DItd6yQMY

Website: www.divehiflylo.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/addplus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/divehiflylo
Tumblr: www.addhoe.tumblr.com




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A.Dd+ Dallas

On their focused debut, Dallas’ Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ are the rapper and the poet, the spawn of UGK and OutKast, combining street and cerebral. - Pitchfork

When Pigs Fly might be the best hip-hop album Dallas has ever released. - Dallas Observer

Bio: divehiflylo.com/bio/
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Track Name: Erica & Jamie
Slim Gravy and Mz. Fortune:
Been feeling terrible lately
On my way to drinking, you know what I’m thinking
Call Erica and Jamie
I’m just chillin’ at the bar, thinking ‘bout it all
You know what I’m on, I’m on that E&J
And I, just wanna get throwed today
Just wanna get throwed today
Just wanna get throwed

Paris Pershun:
I know that I shouldn’t do this
But my wife is acting stupid, my life is kinda stupid
All confusing like a Rubix
And that got me stumbling from this bar from something on the rocks
I contemplate a lot, brown liquor on my breath
I’m drowning in my thoughts, is she with somebody else
Is my music gonna be felt, am I taking the right steps?
Maybe I am, maybe I’m not
Bitch, I’m not an alcoholic, I just drink a lot
Seems like the thing I love in the world the most is you
Cuz you love me back
I can feel you in my liver
We look so good together
Take a picture, just wanna be with ya
I’m gone off this potent elixir
I take pride in my sorrow
As I make love to this fuckin’ bottle


Paris Pershun:
I’m stumbling down the block
I got my keys in my hand, but I couldn’t find my car
Ha! That means I’m extra fucked up
But this head throb make me forget that I lost my job
Got fired ‘cause I facked on the supervisor
Fuck that n*gga though
I’m hungry, She fine
The fuck you looking at, Call a doctor
If I don’t make it through this night then it’s cool
As long as I can take my booze
Shit, I’m just tryin’ to get away from my problems for a couple hours
I swear this shit give me power
I hope I don’t fall on my face in the dirt
It probably wouldn’t hurt
No bodily harm was afflicted
True, Erica & Jamie got me addicted
Track Name: Slow Tempo
Slim Gravy:
We live fast, and die young
Get cash, to buy drugs
And that’s just how it is
Sad to say it

They say you’re bad for me
And it’s you I can’t go without
Been through this struggle for a long time
But I, I know that life just ain’t that simple
It’s awfully fast
Slow tempo
Get off the gas
‘fore you wreck that rental, and crash
Slow tempo, slow tempo

They say you’re bad for me
One of the reasons I don’t have money
But what I gotta have, something you wouldn’t understand
See, you only know the half of it
And life moves fast
Don’t wanna be no crash dummy, nah

Paris Pershun:
How long will this alcohol last?
My nights have gotten crazier, this shit is all bad
It’s like everybody’s on a speed boat
And me I’m on a raff, that makes it hard to laugh
And since the loss of my twins, mayne
I been on some mo’ mo’
Dd say he can’t kick it, fuck it I’m riding solo
But n*ggas get mad when I tend to keep a low pro’
And people that I wanted in my life ain’t there no mo’
And shit, I picked up where my uncles left off
I ain’t good at handling loss
Bullshit wasn’t a part of the plan
A n*gga gotta overcome before he can understand
I’m trying to live life a million miles a minute
And snatch up everything while I visit
Last time I checked the Almighty gives out one life per human
So tell me what the fuck is y’all doing, huh?
Track Name: Under ft. Dustin Cavazos
Dustin Cavazos:
I’ve had my gray days, pay days, maydays, emergencies
An underdog, so I played with a sense of urgency
I’ve had my good weeks, fought through the Mondays
Thank the clouds so you’ll appreciate the sun rays
And every raindrop, and all your real friends
‘Cause they’ll stick with you through some real sin
God bless your soul and even though we made our love hurt
I always thought I’d be with the one that I loved first
I always thought I’d go to college, graduate with high B’s
But I’d go to class and leave to work on my hobbies
Did my homework in the morning, didn’t study for tests
When I left with no diploma, all they handed me was debt
Never saw it as a threat, never one to complain
Read my name, Dustin Cavazos, you can be on your way
Saw my name, Dustin Cavazos, the boy is on his way
Said my name, Dustin Cavazos, man you did your thing
Man, and I ain’t even finished yet
Paris, let’s do Paris ‘cause my time is any minute

Paris P:
Aw man, I got this thing for life
And though everything in it ain’t right, I want it twice
I overdosed enough on that rocky road, washing all my dirty loads
And the bullshit don’t conquer me, it gives me hope
Facing the stars saying “Hell yeah, one day we gon’ be famous.”
Keep our faith and we can claim it, and it’s clear as day is
Binoculars be focused on them n*ggas tryna play us
But I pray for all y’all, gotta love the haters
Even when I’m on decline, that’s a blessing in disguise
And I learn to find myself every time
Never superstitious, take this as a premonition
Getting in my own way, I call that self-intervention
Man I must be lost, excuse me while I’m venting
Don’t put your boy on mute, excuses for not listening
The things we do to make it, Heaven please don’t forsake me
I only got one life to live, and that’s the price of escaping
A greedy heart will leave me with a personal relationship with death
To the victor goes the spoils, won every battle with myself
I’m at the end of that tunnel, see the light may be blinding
But the lord ain’t brought me this far to be thinking about rewinding
Ain’t made it yet, but still perfect timing
I’m a smart n*gga, but still screaming “Where my mind went?”
Imagine me perfected, yeah, I may embellish
But charge it to my wallet, give the devil too much credit

Slim Gravy:
You can tell by the stories that I told
I been through it like a 45 year old
Without a port-a-pot to piss in, just want the pot of gold
As a boy I didn’t listen, but boy I didn’t know
Wishing I could do it different, choose another road
Instead of dropping out of school, chasing after hos
Before I had dreams of making all these clothes
Till I had kids, now I’m breaking into homes
Just doin what I gotta, be for real
Would you do it as a father, when yo’ daughter says she’s hungry
Got no money, got no help, all you got right now is self
And that 45 on the shelf, would you run up on a n*gga, tell him “Give it up or else”
No you couldn’t, but I can
‘Cause them just the cards I’m dealt
Yeah, you wouldn’t understand

Paris P:
Mass appeal mixed with relevance
My shit reeks of excellence
Same struggle, different worlds
Every choice we make has a positive or negative consequence
It affects people besides ourselves
But I don’t wanna get beside myself
Yet, I always leave room