Can't Come Down

from by A.Dd+

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Slim Gravy:
Let me be straight up, I need a job homie
A nine to five, man I ain't even got five on it
Got this interview, but I ain't got no ride
So I guess I'll catch the city bus
'fore I do, I'll get high
Captain Kush for breakfast
Had a bowl this morning, should be sober by 11
I'm high as Heaven
Poppin' breath mints
Only tryna make a nice impression, so I freshen up
Crease my slacks, shirt on tuck
Put on cologne, think I squirt too much
Tryna cover up the purp I puffed
Hope it work, or I'm fucked
N*gga need work like a cluck
Pockets been hurtin' like a mugg
Opportunity is in the mud
And dirty I’ll get for this 40-hour shift
Sweep and scrub I’ll plunge out, shit
Write out the check
Still on the bus, my stop is next
Get off and I walk 'bout a block
Still blowed then a bitch
Spark up a squ’r
Hope they don't know that I'm high
'Cause my eyes heavy, eyes cherry
You know that I got me some drops
Now let me try to focus
Man, I hope they don't notice, 'cause I'm


Slim Gravy:
So I got the gig
Don’t even really know how I got the shit
So to God I give all the glory
Can't live off unemployment
Now they want me to start the next morning
Shit, I'm like, "Coo'."
From 5 AM till 'bout 2
Need to find a ride, alright, or I'm screwed
Ain't tryna get fired, but what am I to do
I don't know, maybe catch a cab
But I ain't got cash, so I have to dash
Beginning of training
Ain't tryna miss not a minute of payment
Long story short, yo I did it and made it
Clocked in, call center hoe boppin'
Other n*ggas there hatin'
The trainer's obnoxious
And I ain't got the patience
Can't wait till 2 o'clock
Man, when the first break is?
'Cause I swear that I'm blazin'
Got a blunt in my pocket, already rolled up
Went far in a corner
Made sure nobody watchin'
So, I fired up
Now, I'm high as fuck
Yeah, I already know
This is the type of shit that a n*gga get fired for
But I wasn't even thinkin'
Walked in straight stankin'
Smelled just like a pound
But ain't nobody say shit
Feelin' like I'm on a spaceship
Naw, ain't no coming down
Fuck around, just tell 'em I'm coming down with a cold, no
I could say it's an emergency, gotta go, no
I'll just roll wit' it
Man, I'm trippin', I shoulda brought that cologne with me
What I don't know
Is that there's cameras watchin'
I was sittin' in training, manager walked in
Looked me dead in the face and said, "Meet me in office. Don't keep me waitin'."
Man, I hope that he playin'', but I know that he's not
You see where this going
I go in the door then he closed it and locked
And he said, "You must be..."


from LOOSIES, track released September 13, 2011
Produced by: Brain Gang X'Zavier
Artwork by: Upendo Taylor



all rights reserved


A.Dd+ Dallas

On their focused debut, Dallas’ Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ are the rapper and the poet, the spawn of UGK and OutKast, combining street and cerebral. - Pitchfork

When Pigs Fly might be the best hip-hop album Dallas has ever released. - Dallas Observer

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