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Slim Gravy:
King Blue just gave me a beat and he said "Make sure that you rock it"
'Bout a year ago, big bro gave us a key to the city said "Here, n*gga lock this bitch, and don't let nobody in"
Pretty soon, they'll be knockin'
Made it in the XXL, now they watching
The column was little as hell, no problem
My patnas out the hood be saying I'm Hollywood
I tell them I'm not, but that I should be
Give me a year, I'll probably be in a leer
Sippin' a beer with a bitch who model for her career
With a rear make a n*gga say "Good grief"
Wouldn't be shit if I never linked with
My n*gga P, since juvenile delinquents
We been ridin' like Bin Laden and Bush
Ridin' the bus, A.Dd+ silent plus When Pigs Fly, enough
With the fuck shit, fuck this
It's a city-wide genocide, minimize all the bullshit
They be coming with
I talk shit 'cause I don't give a fuck
What you say n*gga come again, what?
I make y'all muthafckas listen up
This is what it is, all you n*ggas suck
We the realest here
If you agree, let me see you put your hands

Let me see you put your hands (x3)
We ready, we ready (x8)

Mold with the old, grow with the new
Live or die, pick a side any two
Win or lose, gotta choose one
Got a new gun, I'ma use too
Bang, bang and the boom, boom
Better move, run
I'm a come through with bazookas and a platoon
Bullet proof truck full of goons strapped up
I'ma do what I want to, n*gga fuck you
Tough luck, they done fucked up
Now they gotta die, genocide

Let me see you put your hands (x3)

Paris Pershun:
It's time for change, no time for games
We chasin' this money and chasin' this fame
Fuck chasin' these dames, mayne
I said it's time for change, fuck chasin' these dames
Say something different, they look at me strange
You n*ggas exchanged the cool for the lame
You ain't got a license to rhyme, then stay in yo' lane
Like I got the gun cocked and placed to your brain
Shit, take a shot
If your survive the blast without droppin' fast and then finishing last
Then you that n*gga, huh?
Well, maybe not
You say you're really built for it, but you ain't
I say I'm built for it, what you think?
I'm struggling now, but then I visualize myself
George Jefferson struttin', walking into the bank, mayne
God say don't kill, Lucifer say kill that bitch
God say don't steal, Lucifer say take that shit
Make that quick
And yeah, I might have some regret up in my heart
We blinded from the start
Get it how you live, mayne that's just how we was taught
But everybody wanna shed a tear when a n*gga get caught
Thanks for not making me put that knife in your back
Now, I got money to put some gas in the 'lac
The registration expired, but I still burn rubber off of my tires
Tryna play my part
I'm tryna get far
Tryna top the charts, n*gga gotta raise the bar
We been hot from the start
And I'm spittin' from the heart
So I do it for the love
A.Dd+ Hoe

Slim Gravy:
Yeah, it's a muthafckn genocide (x3)
Will you die, will you survive? Let's go

Yeah, it's a muthafckn genocide (x3)
Will you die, will you survive? Let's go

(We don't want to hear that bullshit (x8))


from LOOSIES, track released October 27, 2011
Produced by: Brain Gang Blue
Co-produced & Mixed by: Picnictyme
Additional Vocals by: Jerica Bello



all rights reserved


A.Dd+ Dallas

On their focused debut, Dallas’ Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ are the rapper and the poet, the spawn of UGK and OutKast, combining street and cerebral. - Pitchfork

When Pigs Fly might be the best hip-hop album Dallas has ever released. - Dallas Observer

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